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Content Storage

Submitted by leggn on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 08:26


For hardware sizing purposes, the LP5 documentation has little to say about disk space for content.

I am curious about where and how the LP5 Web Content Display portlet (which I believe to be built upon Jackrabbit) stores its data on the file system. It appears to use the file system path $CP_ROOT/products/luminis-repository/repository/datastore/ according to lp50003in.pdf (page 46). Does any other content use this store? Does Jackrabbit use the database at all?

I want to be sure to provide plenty of room to grow. Some of our content consists of large, licensed software downloads for community members; our existing uPortal is hosting approximately 36GB of content. I'm thinking 100GB would be good for the new LP5 content store.


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