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SSO to Luminis from Moodle

Submitted by beichapman on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 14:46

First of all, I would like to thank all fishes out there giving me the idea on how to set up the SSO from Luminis to Moodle using GCF connector, esp. Brian Gibson and Bill Ramsay.

Now I am asking another favor, is there anyone out there that have tried to do SSO from Moodle back to Luminis?

We are looking for a solution to do that because Moodle 2.1.x doesn't have a very good email function built-in, let alone the emailing function to the class list. Our faculty still wants to be able to email the class so the possible solution we can think about right now is to SSO back from Moodle to Luminis, or even better to SSO from Moodle course page to Luminis course studio.

Our Luminis is running, and Moodle is 2.1.2 as of today. We don't have CAS setup yet. But we are looking at setting it up sooner.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot ahead.



Luminis Version:

Hi Bei,

I'm unfamiliar with Moodle but I have used the following two methods with other products.

Preferred method: CASify Moodle and Luminis, so when a user visits Moodle they must log in via CAS first. Once they make it through the CAS login to Moodle, any links from Moodle -> Luminis are already authenticated via CAS. This is clean, secure, and it works in the other direction, too (i.e. user logs into Luminis first).

Less desirable method: Write some code on the Moodle server that can grab the user's credentials as they log in. Next use cURL or a similar technology to grab your Luminis login page and collect any necessary information (e.g. JSESSIONID), then POST the user's credentials to your Luminis login page (tip: use SSL). The login cookie should be saved in the user's browser as if they had logged into Luminis manually. This custom piece of code should execute either during the Moodle login or any time a user clicks a Luminis link from within Moodle.


Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for your quick and very useful tips.

We don't have CAS set up yet, but using CAS seems like a good/secure/clean way to go for various SSO between different web applications. I will try to learn how to casify Moodle and Luminis to make the bi-directional SSO working once we have CAS setup.

At the same time, can you share the source code with me by email for the 2nd non-preferred method if you have done with other application SSOing to Luminis?

Thank you again,