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Luminis Login Process from Submit Button to loginok.html to /cp/home/next

Submitted by tatsusaisei on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 10:49

I have searched through this site and while I have found a few samples of code that got me started I find there are still a number of questions I have that remain unanswered!

Ultimatelly, what I would like is a detailed description of what occurs from the moment a user clicks the submit button at login until the landing page is rendered for the user.

We NEED to interject our own code into this login process, but we also need the session to have been created as well in order to get access to certain information available about the client.

There was a post here, with a URL to another site that had the code desired, but the URL is no longer any good!

Our goals are as follows:
1. Upon login, we want to determine if the PIN/password is EXPIRED and needs to be changed. Luminis does not seem to enforce this, especially if we continue to keep Banner as the authoritive source. We are pushing to have the portal be THE point of entry, yet the only way we can force a PIN/password change is to route clients through Self-Service Banner first to change their PIN/password and establish their security questions. We can not have this anymore and must find a way to do this all through Luminis (while updating Banner with PIN/password changes and question/answer setup)

2. We utilize a "Forced Survey" application that works very well in SSB. Upon login, survey logic determines if the client is (or should be) in a certain population that is requried to answer one or more surveys. If the client is required, they are forced to a specific page with links to the individual surveys. From here the client must respond to each of the presented surveys. While a survey remains unaswered, the client will NOT be able to traverse the site and view/update anything in the site. Luminis does NOT have such a mechanism built in and it has been discovered that many clients are aware of this and use the portal as a means to "skirt" the required surveys! We can no longer allow this to happen!

We have had a number of ideas, none of which seemed to work based on how "convoluted" the whole portal seems to be. I have an SR in with Ellucian asking for some sort of code roadmap describing the login process in technical terms and they finally responded with the fact they do not seem to have such documentation and that I should make my request here! (Thanx for nothing Ellucian, are you not the ones who WROTE the login processes!)

I feel compelled to point out that while I do fancy myself to be a very good programmer, I have little to no experience with jsp development, and have done my best to avoid Java in general (just not a fan of the language!) so any such code provided needs to be explained! I have not developed my own channels yet nor do I know how to compile any java/jsp for Luminis.

I am not sure if my email address is availbale from my "profile" here so just in case, here it is: joe DOT meyers AT cayuga-cc DOT edu (replace DOT and AT accordingly!)

Luminis Version:

I downloaded the file and having been reviewing the code. Thanks for putting it together.

It looks like Luminis login does not occur before redirecting. I just want to confirm that is the case.

I need to authenticate in Luminis and then force a password change to an external ldap which I'm hoping I can do in an SSB page with pl/sql.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks, Alicia

We do something very similar for different purposes but we use CAS authentication for luminis as we do not store user passwords in the Luminis LDAP. The benefit is you can capture any user detail (after CAS authentication but before the re-direct to luminis) as at that point you know who the user is and you can run LDAP or DB queries. The re-direct to luminis happens through a handoff to the /cp/home/login servlet. You alternative (in case you are not in a position to use CAS authentication) is to use a filter within the login servlet for the same purpose.

I understand that it can be complicated. Have you tried running a BOM check while loginok.html is loaded but before the javascript sends it to next? That might give you another area to explore.

@ToddTrann, I know it has been a while, but I'm hoping you're still around, and still have that zip file. Or its content. We're needing to do similar things, and this would save a LOT of time. Thanks in any case!