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Staff Augmentation

Submitted by quicklearner on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 17:08

We're looking for a Luminis resource that is familiar with the authentication, session and SSO aspects of the portal product currently installed (see versions below). This person would be assisting in the completion of our Oracle 11g IdM integration but NOT responsible for the Oracle IdM tasks, configurations, installations, or other but rather complimenting that resource from the portal side. We've identified steps outlined at the end of the attached document from ellucian (formerly Sungard HE) which are Luminis as well as Oracle 10g IdM specific and we have expectations that these steps will work with the IdM version we have installed.

Initial engagement: Approx. 100 hours
First 40 hours on site for design/discussion Remaining hours: to be evaluated as off-site Start Date: ASAP

Tasks/Deliverables Integration of a non-prod Luminis install with Oracle 11g IDM Suite

Luminis based tasks outlined in the attached documentation
- Configman adjustments
- Execution of orclidm script
- Reconfiguration of system URL (e.g. to Collaboration with an Oracle IDM resource where/when needed for their domain knowledge and expertise Validation of end to end authentication Promotion of and support of integration/configurations through remaining non-production environments Support of load/performance testing based on domain expertise Identification of expected next steps
- Any remaining issues or items determined to be out of scope for the engagement

Current State: Luminis version - Parallel deployment of portal tiers
- Soon to be patched to
- Note: it is our understanding this version is based in uPortal v2.5.3 Resource Tiers Active/Passive (in QA/Prod) Current Authentication
- EAS/SAF in combination with our pre-existing AD installation Current SSO
- Custom Token - *out of scope*
- Some use of secret store password to authenticate into other AD based system to be evaluated; this may be out of scope

Luminis Version: