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Mobile Connection replacement

Submitted by kbell on Thu, 01/31/2013 - 12:31

We have a considerable amount of effort invested in our mobile application which is built on the Ellucian Mobile Connection framework. They have recently announced the deprecation of Mobile Connection and have promised a new and improved framework.

After viewing the Ellucian WebEx on the new framework, we are looking at alternatives.

What are others doing on this front?

Any input/insight will be most appreciated.



Luminis Version:

We have no mobile app at present and are evaluating Ellucian's new offering against other options, particularly CampusEAI. We'd like to hear about others evaluations as well.

I briefly evaluated . I found it to be very intuitive, and allowed us to leverage our web knowledge without having to dive into as much proprietary framework specific languages. It also can use jQuery mobile. Basically, create a series of web pages with calls to data sources, or whatever you are trying to do, and phonegap creates a wrapper around it, and spits out 4-5 versions covering all mobile phone platforms.

But we are in a holding pattern waiting to see what the new Ellucian mobile platform is going to contain. If they make it easier to get Banner data out without having to create all the queries ourselves, and if it uses standard development languages, we'll probably go use it.

If we end up not using the new Ellucian platform, I'll have a large list of mobile frameworks to start checking out:)

After being disappointed with the lack of performance on the front end of the previous RhoMobile-based Mobile Connection, we went back to native apps on iOS and Android. We're still using the Mobile Connection middleware for grades and schedule data.

If you don't have sufficient in-house mobile development resources for something like that, you could also outsource it. Shameless plug for a local company that does this: College Mobile

If you are running BlackBoard LMS on your campus, you could also look at BlackBoard Mobile Central. It's kind of hard to distinguish from their other offering, but this is one is a stand-alone app for all university functions, while the other is just course tools.