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Luminis 4 SSO to Office 365

Submitted by cliffordmarks on Thu, 02/07/2013 - 10:06

Were in the process of moving to office 365 as well as a big resilience project :-(
We hope to create a cpip connector to do this.
Does any one have any experience in doing this or working example of the code you would use to connect to office 365?


Luminis Version:


Anybody have anything (new) they can share on this topic please? We too have to connect (SSO) Luminis 4.3.0 to Office 365 for our students, just wondering if anyone has got this working in 4.

Doug Smith
Portal Manager
Westfield State University

Hi Doug. I haven't heard back from either of the folks in this thread since sending them our code so I don't know how successful they have been, but several others have had success with the method used here at Berea on LP5. It should work on LP4 with a few tweaks in the .properties file. Email me at if you'd like me to send our sample config files. Bill

We too just went to Office 365. I figured out how to change the link behind the Email button to point to our ADFS login page. If you are logged in to a machine attached to Active Directory, it will sign you right in to Office 365. If not on an Adtive Directory machine, it will prompt for credentials which is what it does if you go to the regular URL off campus. This was the best we could accomplish. I'd be interested in seeing if there was a GCF as well.


Hello Eileen. I'd be glad to send sample code for using GCF to POST login credentials to ADFS for Office 365. We do not have NTLM active so all our user have to authenticate to access Office 365. The GCF configuration automates the link from Luminis as long as the password is properly saved. Drop me an e-mail at if you 'd like me to send sample GCF code. Bill

Hi Bill,
We would also be interested in any config files or docs you could share.

Hi Bill,

I wanted to let you know that I've just sent you an email regarding a request for the sample config files you mentioned in your post and any additional information you can share.

We are currently still migrating students over to Office 365 and will attempt to setup SSO connection via our CAS server when complete, but would like to keep the GCF/CPIP connection going if possible as an alternative.


is there a requirement that usernames match for any systems that Lum4 does an SSO to? i.e. can the luminis username be different from the username of an external system?

It appears that most sites are using ADFS to connect to 365. We set our Ad to use DirSync password sync without ADFS. Has anyone gotten this option working in LP4?

Dear Sir,
Office 365 will be upgraded to use ADFS 3.0 version.
Does anyone know how to configure GCF SSO for ADFS 3.0?

Question 1: Since the users of Luminis are on Unix LDAP Servers, can we do ADFS against this type of LDAP? How/ any documents?

Question 2: What should be configured on Office 365 Side? is it the SSO ten steps?

Question 3: in cptool set user ExternalAccount='user|username|password' , the password is that of office 365? what if user changes it from Office 365 side? would he lose the integration?

I have a lot of questions I hope if you can answer me on these introductory ones.

Thank you in advance.