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HTTP Client equiv in Luminis 5?

Submitted by on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 18:50


I currently have Luminis 4 with several HTTP clients set up to push events. Looking at the possibility of Luminis 5 and wondering if there is the equivalent of HTTP Clients within Luminis 5. I asked an Ellucian support engineer while working with a different issue about a year ago and they said yes, but told me to go look up glassfish to figure out how. Has anyone here using Luminis 5 been able to do a connection similar to the link we can do from the Luminis 4's LmsSync topic to WebCT/Moodle/Canvas?

Any information would be appreciated.


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The current way they handle it is through the glassfish message queue. As a matter of fact, they provided us a client specifically for D2L.

If you're interested in your own, you could look up how the glassfish queue works and how LMB etc. publish events from LDI.


But I only happened across it when I needed it last week(of course).

I found the solution, but not without some digging. I also heard from a consultant on a webex that others had trouble finding this setup and some kept or set up an old LMB/LMG setup and skipped glassfish, just to get the feeds going to the LMS.

We have an LP4 system with Desire to Learn already getting our LDI events. So, I took the values we used for the Outgoing HTTP setup in that LMB and followed the instructions in Appendix F of the 'Banner Integration for eLearning Administration Guide 8.0 Revision 2(February 2012)'. You can find it in the Ellucian documentation download area in the 'Banner Integration for eLearning' product section

It will have you create a new JMS user using some glassfish message queue commands on the server. Then you will download the software(JMSHTTPAdapter_1.0) from the Ellucian software download section, unzip it and untar it onto your LMG/Glassfish server then change some config values to point to your LMS or other LDI event receiver and start the adapter(assuming your LMG/Glassfish is running as well).

I spun my wheels for hours(a couple days) looking for the answers in the wrong places, but felt like there was an easy answer out there. If only I had noticed this Appendix F(in an Admin not Install/setup guide), it would have only taken an hour or so, since all the Banner side is set up and staying the same and we were only upgrading from the LMG/LMB setup.


In the documentation I see it requires we make a LMG configuration change, could you maybe specify where you made the lmg changes?


I too am trying to set up LDI to D2L with LP5. I already have LMG, Glassfish and JMSHttpAdapter installed and one HTTP client defined for the LDI Data from Banner to D2L. What I don't understand is that the default port for JMS is 7676 but with D2L and LMB there were several ports in use. We had them using 7677 as in (http://lmbhost:7677/mb/publish). Have you seen the equivalent with this set up? We are getting a 401 error .