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Login from external page?

Submitted by Grytpype on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 09:34

Hi All, Is it possible to login to Luminis 4 from an external page?

I've been asked if it's possible to use a login form outside of our portal to authenticate and get into our Luminis portal ie. normally users would go to to login but we'd also like them to be able to login from

As a brief experiment I copied the login page code into another page and ran it from my desktop (after adapting the js code locations) and it worked once and then subsequent login attempts 'failed to recognise username / password'. I'm assuming that's to do with session IDs etc.

Does anyone have any experience of this / know if it's possible?


Luminis Version:

This should help:

You'll need to do more than post once. You need to get some cookies from one path, save them, then post them to another path in order to login in.

edit: oops. Seeing as how I just did a scripted automated login, I read your question incorrectly. Yeah, just copying the login code to a new page should work as the person below states.

Hi Rob,

It sounds like your initial approach of copying the login page code was correct but you may have made it a little more complicated than necessary. What I have done in the past is strip out everything down to the login form itself, removing all the JS references, and it seems to work without any issues.

Here's an example:

Hope that helps!