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Anyone migrate Luminis IV from sparc solaris to lunix x86_64?

Submitted by on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 14:33

We had plans to Migrate from Lumins 4 to Luminis 5. From what I can tell that's not going to happen, as it appears no one has successfully in production yet. So that means we will be sticking with our current Luminis 4 system for a couple more years. It's running on old sparc hardware (7 - T2000's 7 front ends and 1 calendar) and (2- v890's 1 ldap and 1 mail. We have changed our mail setup to use gmail for students and weboutlook for staff and faculty. We are going to need to at least upgrade our sparc hardware...we would prefer to migrate to RedHat x86_64. Anyone have any experience doing either one of these? I would think that staying on sparc is possible, but would really like to change platforms. Thanks!

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