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SSO from Luminis 4.3 into Cognos 10.1

Submitted by bellok on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 09:38

I am hoping someone can help me out. I am desperately seeking any advice/direction on getting the SSO connector setup between Luminis 4.3 and Cognos 10.1. At this point in time, I can SSO into Cognos most of the time using Firefox, but my co-workers cannot. IE9 is another issue, most of the time I cannot SSO into Cognos, but even when I can, my co-workers cannot. I have never set up a GCF connector before and I believe I am missing something, but have no idea what. I have been working on this for over 2 weeks and have been given one more week to work this out.

I wanted to attach the files that I am using to set this up, but I am getting:

File attachements are disabled. The file directories have not been properly configures. Please contact the site administrator.

I am able to get into Cognos using our Cognos link.

Thank you,


These are my cognos configman settings:



Luminis Version:

This is my file:

cognos.externalSystemName = cognos

cognos.license.issued = Test Connector License Not For Production Use
cognos.license.key = T544-SDXE-SQTT-XG3Q-14E9-4PDQ-XPTS-D1ES

cognos.externalSystemURL = http://cognos.internal

cognos.cognosSystemID = cognos10

cognos.pickup.remoteurl = http://cognos.internal/cognos10/pickup.html

cognos.coursemap.enabled = false

cognos.operations = ${SSOROOT}/config/cognos.xml

cognos.sso.operations.class = com.campuspipeline.sso.authenticator.SSOOperations
cognos.urlBase = ${cpipconnector.urlBase}/${cognos.externalSystemName}

## Uncomment following line if using parallel deployment ##
#cognos.virtual.urlBase = ${cpipconnector.virtual.urlBase}/${cognos.externalSystemName}

cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.createonlogin = 0

cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.authenticate = ${cognos.urlBase}/Authenticate
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.authenticateOIDlist =
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.deauthenticate = ${cognos.urlBase}/Deauthenticate
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.deauthenticateOIDlist =
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.lastactive = ${cognos.urlBase}/LastActive
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.lastactiveOIDlist =
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.sessionPlaceHolder = sessionPlaceHolder
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.sendcpsession = false
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.sendtimeout = false
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.desturl_parmname = destURL
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.sendlogin = true
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.useSISCredentials = false
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.usePDSCredentials = false
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.configsleeptime =
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.configattempts =
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.shortcircutlogin =
#cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.sendimmutableid = true

cognos.pickup.destURLParameter = url

We are trying to do single sign on from Luminis to Cognos. Could you please forward documentation on how you achieved this to me.

Thanks for your assistance