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QA Layout Owner Accounts inaccessible

Submitted by davidmcbride on Thu, 08/29/2013 - 15:12

We posted about this problem and had no one able to help since a month ago. We are unable to get into our layout owner accounts in QA. The accounts we are having trouble with are the Luminis specific layout owner accounts dlmf* and *-lo in qa. Currently when we try to log in to a *-lo account it says the password has expired. Then, when we try to reset the password it says "Password reset failed. Try again later."

These accounts only exist in QA and have no relationship to EAS.

We are at a loss and do not want to spend further man hours troubleshooting this issue.

One idea that we had was to simply turn off all the permissions to existing -lo/dlmf accounts and re-create new fragments and layouts from scratch.

Is there really no other way??

Luminis Version:

I have never seen a "password reset failed" error before (in 10 years of running Luminis!), however I think that one of the possible causes would be if your system was in hot backup mode. You should check that, and if so, then turn it off. To check it:

cptool set hotbackup

To turn it off:
cptool set hotbackup off


The previous thread died with discussions of the authentication configuration.
It's difficult to say what the problem is without more detail on your environment. I'm sure there is a way to resolve the issues you are experiencing. If you are using EAS without failover you will need to configure the fragment accounts in your external directory. The more information you can provide, the more helpful we can all be.

Does that make sense?


I wonder if you are getting the account expired message. In which case you just enable the account by logging in as an admin user and using the admin toolchest.

We have seen "password synch failed" when we had fallthrough authentication and the account's password was changed on the external AD. You have alredy ruled this one out though.

Can you login in as an admin and create a new layout fragment (with the default user dlmf_XX). Then it ought to be possible to change the username so that you use the new account to get to the old -lo user. Not sure that this type of fiddling is easier than going through the steps of creating a layout from scratch though.

If you are confident enough with manipulating the ldap then you can always forcibly copy across a password entry from one account to another - but this
should never be done for accounts that have a secret store

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