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Using SSB GCF for Luminis IV with Banner XE

Submitted by pmiller195 on Fri, 10/04/2013 - 15:41

Because of issues with CAS performance with Banner XE Faculty grades we are trying an approach of doing a GCF connection to XE Grade module for SSO with Luminis IV. Since the default login for XE Grades is like SSB default login -- ID/PIN -- we are wondering what would be required to adapt the SSB GCF to work with XE Grade default login. There is a school that has been successful but the individual who did the adaptation is no longer at the school.

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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It's been a while since we spoke. How are things there?

I am assuming you are using the Middle Tier on the Banner application servers to implement the regular SSB GCF with Luminis, correct? If yes, what happens when you provide the XE url as the destination url with the connector?


Hi, Vikram,
Things going ok here. Hope all is well with you!
We are trying our first Banner XE module--Faculty Grades--and found out there are issues with CAS implementation, so we thought we would try a CPIP connection like was suggested by another school. We did not think the regular SSB GCF would work since XE is a Java based app. The Ellucian Effort Certification Java application makes calls to some Java process that works as the go-between between with SSB but we are not sure how to adapt that piece. Our attempt at adapting a CPIP did not work. Eric Schubert who you also know is troubleshooting it.

Have you implemented any XE modules? Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


Hi Pat,

No, we haven't tried XE yet but we have been looking into it (mostly at a higher level). From what I understand, XE can be implemented as a CAS client to an external CAS server (without the need for BEIS) which in theory makes it very simple for us at Texas A&M as we use our external CAS for Luminis and INB (SSB uses the GCF from Luminis with the Middle Tier).

I looked at the documentation for XE to some extent and see that XE allows the ID/Pin local authentication too. In this case you may want to write a new GCF connector but that would mean storing the PIN in Luminis and never changing it. Not sure if that is a desirable situation.

I will see if I can find out more information.