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New Skins

Submitted by Rolln on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 04:26

Hi there, has anyone created new skins for Luminis? If so how could I access and modify the old skin? Also if I was to customize an entirely new one, how do I access this?

Lastly, could anyone here provide me with links to new skins to review which they have developed for their Portal?

Many Thanks!

Luminis Version:


A lot of people generate a customized skin for their portal.
Some people mostly just modify the CSS to change the default color scheme but you can do quite a bit if you're inclined. You can copy the existing 'classic' skin, give it a new name, customize it and re-deploy the 'new' skin.

I know there are some older posts on LDN but I'm not sure how detailed they are.
I'm not sure you'll find a link to download a customized skin to look at but I would imagine there are posts already explaining the process.

I would recommend reviewing the Ellucian documentation on this topic which is covered in the 'Luminis Platform Content Customization Guide'. This should be available through the support site. There is a section on creating a new skin.

Hope that helps!

And depending on what you are trying to customize, the Luminis template/skin process may not be flexible enough to meet your need. So take a look at the hacking guide to get a feel for some of the other files you may need to edit.

Just browsed through real quick, this is for 3.x, is this suitable for IV.x and later?


I reviewed it quickly as well and mainly focused on the notes on nested-tables.xsl.

Just from experience working with different 4.x versions I would definitely recommend being careful using any configman properties from the guide as they could have changed/been deprecated.

The XSL information I read was certainly still relevant so it depends what you are looking at specifically. At the very least it should be enough to give the reader some ideas.