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Patching Luminis to

Submitted by libdms on Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:31

We are having trouble with patching Luminis 4 to the most up-to-date patch release.

Following a run of the executable LP- on one of our front end webservers, we can now no longer trigger any activity or access any pages on any
of the front end webservers. (PD)

Nothing (apart from Server Started) is appearing in cp.log

If I can unpack the LP- then I can probably just pick and choose which parts of the patch are actually needed to resolve the issue we have (scheduling of TAs
not scheduling them). At one point (probably Luminis 3) patches were simple zip files
with a MANIFEST listing all changes.

Any ideas?

University of Leeds, UK

Luminis Version:

Hi Derek,

We didn't have the issue you describe at our institution, but I thought I would share one major problem we did have after updating to

After applying the update, all our SSO links to Self-Service Banner stopped working. Users were presented with a 'CPIP: unable to lookup credentials' error. This did not happen in my test environment, so I was stunned to see this in production.

I raised a ticket with Ellucian who said it has something to do with the Java update included with the upgrade. The way to fix the problem was to perform extracts from Banner then import into Luminis. I was a bit upset since our institution has about 16,000 students.

A few days and several extracts later I stumbled upon an article in the Ellucian knowledge base. It described my problem and contains the following explanation:

"Luminis 4.3 includes an upgrade to Java 1.6. Some aspect of the 1.6 Java upgrade causes the byte order to be reversed (big endian -> little endian or vice versa). This in turn can compromise how the secretstore gets read and lead to the problem behavior described with GCF SSO.

To address this, it is advised that you run the following configman command and then restart the Luminis webserver(s) thereafter:

configman -s security.sso.credential.cross_platform_migration true"

This solution worked for me. This was a huge hassle and I hope you don't see it in your environment.

University of the Fraser Valley

Thanks for flagging up this issue. Fortunately we should not be hit too badly by
the endian switch, as (as far as I can recall) we have very little reliance on
the secret store. However I will change the configman to check.

We have already been hit with an issue with Java, as the patch rolled back
our hotfix (.81) and while doing so tried to soft-link to a previous version of java.

Then the application of hotfix (.147) linked to another non-existent java.

As far as I know there is still no documentation that warns about this.

Do you still have any documentation that you followed while applying (.147)?


University of Leeds, UK

Hi Derek,

What is the current portal release that you are running/attempting to patch?
I've patched up to many times without any issues.
According to my notes the upgrade path I typically follow is:

Luminis Platform build 498 build 93 build 31 build 35 build 161