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Create Targeted Announcements using a Pop-Select or JobSub to identify who will get the TAs

Submitted by keneeb on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 10:20

This would be to take a list of students and upload them to send out an targeted announcement.

This would be done at the college without any assistance from IT.

We don't have the staff to send all the announcements the colleges want to send. The idea being that the colleges could extract their population with from the ODS or through a pop sel. And upload the list to the Portal for the targeted announcement. The second option is really the one that we need and the one that was implicit when Luminis was advertised. If Luminis V doesn't have this capability, it really doesn't add much in terms of functionality over our current version.

Luminis Version:

We added additional roles in GORRSQL that feed over to LP5. Our content administrator can then use those roles or make dynamic groups based on combinations.

The dymanic groups can then be used to send a targeted announcement. One example we had of this was wanting/needing to be able to notify people of holds on their account. We created a GORRSQL rule that identifies everyone with a registration hold on their account. The admin created a finely crafted message on how to get the hold removed, and it was sent only to those in that dynamic group.


A. 5.0.4 can not email this information to them; it only displays in the "Announcements" portlet, so they still only found out once they logged in, but it is better than what used to happen when we had only SSB.
B. IT staff has to create the GORRSQL rules, at least at our institution. Rules that return more than 1 pidm for each person have adverse effects on the rest of Banner. We don't trust users to do always write efficient queries that always return each person's pidm only once.

I will say that, once the rule queries are created, they're easy to maintain as business logic for what makes a person have a registration hold does not change much, if ever.