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options for Luminis 5.1 password management against external LDAP server

Submitted by larrypeng on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:49


We configured our Luminis 5.1 system to authenticate users against external LDAP server(Active Directory). We have built a separate application to manage user's login name and password. Now we want to take advantage of the password management shipping with Luminis 5.1 and allow users to change their credentials in Luminis, and then the new data will be written back to external LDAP server. Unfortunately, according to Ellucian support and their documentation, this is not doable in current system. We wonder if any school has somehow implemented the similar idea before. Any suggestion would be welcome and very much appreciated!



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Hi Larry,

Correct me if I'm wrong... but you currently have a custom homegrown application that allows users to manage their Active Directory credentials. Since the credentials are housed in AD, to leverage the built-in portal functionality you would likely have to license additional components from Ellucian...

Assuming this understanding is correct I would suggest considering the following approach:
1. CASify your homegrown password management application
2. Configure your homegrown password management application to utilize the LP 5 CAS server
3. Update the password reset link within your portal to point to the homegrown application

It sounds like this would be the most efficient way to leverage your current homegrown solution along with the existing CAS infrastructure that already supports your Luminis environment.

Hope that helps,

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your kind reply. That's definitely one of our options for now. It's just that we want to save the effort of managing an additional application and let Luminis becomes the center point for credential management if Luminis is able to serve the same purpose. But it looks like it still requires complementary part clients have to build additionally.

Best Regards,