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Targeted Channel Tutorial

Submitted by admin on Fri, 04/22/2005 - 14:38

I had been looking around for a cheap and easy way to get out of writing my own Targeted Channel tutorial (I despise writing documents like this).  Write a little, alt-tab to the portal,  take a screen shot, paste into Photoshop, manipulate it, save it, place it in Word, type some more, alt-tab to the portal ....

Having not found one that I liked, I just finished up this one.  Its attached if anyone's interested.

It has an Appendix with all the types of channel subsections you can create as examples so people can visualize what they're creating.




Looks great! I don't know of another way to do this, especially if you want to create tutorials with your own portal images.  I have not seen the SCT manual, so I do not know how they compare.  It would be nice for them to have a standard training manual that schools could place their own screenshots in.

I use a SnagIt for my screenshots.  Real easy to select the part of the screen that you want, and copy and paste into your manual without using an image editor.

With targeted content you can only target it to Roles. Targeted announcements can be targeted to all kinds of people/roles/attributes... is this built into the source for the targeted content channel? is there anyway to expose more granular groups that we can target content to?

I really don't want to add anouther custom portlet to my list... :)



In short - No you can't target content to a specific group of people ... unless those people are all assigned a role.

You could create a special role and then assign users to that role (create an XML feed to import and assign people to that role) Then the content would display for those people. But you probably knew that already.

The TC attributes would ROCK if you could grab imported groups and the other items on the TA screen and assign them to the TC section.

I think, though, that the TA is supposed to be more fluid, and "one-off-ish".

I could see this working for TC channels, but not uPortal channels - If you created an 'off campus housing' group and assigned a channel to them, and they placed that channel, then they moved, and their role changed the channel would break.

Although, if the 'offcampushousing' section were part of a larger TC channel, then that section would just dissappear. ... yea that would rock. You need to suggest that as a feature enhancement. The data's already there, can't be too hard to use it.

Another cool feature would be group channels. If you're part of a group, you can see specific channels that no one else can. That functionality already exists for the TA too.

Hmmmm .... hackers start your editors ....

The TA still does not create a functional name. You might want to add information about adding a functional name to the channel you create. To do this you need to edit the channel in the uPortal channel manage interface. When you do that, it also changes the permissions to your channel so you need to be carefull.



Dave Wolowicz