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Password Reset Options in L5

Submitted by tyler_penney on Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:17


What password reset options are available for 5.1? Is there an alternate email password reset link option? We are currently looking at new portal systems and this is an important feature. We are currently on 4.3 and have secret questions enabled. Even with this feature enabled, we are still have to dedicate a lot of time resetting passwords with limited staff. What is everyone else doing?

Luminis Version:

We are also in the same situation - went live with 5.1 last December, but need to add a self-service password reset option to handle the volume of calls/tickets. We're looking at PWM, but are having trouble getting it going. It's a project in progress.


We took this opportunity (moving to Luminis 5) to also implement a real identity management solution (Banner feeds IDM program, IDM feeds AD and openldap, EIS servers use one of the directories, LP5 uses EIS/cas). We had a lot of apps using the Luminis 4 ldap as a credential source, and that would not be feasible moving forward with Luminis 5.