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Is your school Live with Luminis 5.x? Is this a clean install or an upgrade? Any issue on the way

Submitted by psilwal on Tue, 03/11/2014 - 15:01


Hello All,

Is your school Live with Luminis 5.x? Is this a clean install or an upgrade? Any issue on the way?


Luminis Version:

I've been in contact with several schools about their LP5 installation. They have all been clean installs.

Other things I've noted about the schools I've been in contact with:
1. They all used the home community for all content.
2. None of them used the LP5 course tools. They relied on Moodle or other course systems. Ditto with communities (groups). I have yet to find a school that uses the group tools in LP5.
3. Themes: Half flattened the menu system and half left it more default with the two tier menus.

There are still some bugs, but most major features from Luminis 4 seem to be working (targeted content, GCF, deep links into self-service, announcements, etc..).

If there is a school that uses the group tools and community features in LP5 extensively, I'd love to see a demo:)

Prior discussion:

I'd also like to hear about community/site implementation in LP5. We have over 250 active groups in Group Studio with additional links to the information in the Luminis db used to create a student Experiences Transcript. We use membership data from GT_MEMBERS to load our Banner Activity tables. Does Liferay offer any API's to this data in community membership?

This will be a major factor in converting our LP4 install to LP5.

We've been live since January and are planning on a rollout of some interesting stuff re: sites/communities.

It's worth mentioning that it's entirely possible to avoid the home community paradigm (and it's something that we're going to be doing "soon". I have a demo in our development instance).

It's important to note that I think Ellucian has made a decision (one that started with choosing LIferay as the underlying technology and one I believ to be appropriate) to get out of the business of being a Swiss Army Knife and instead providing the pieces that are needed for a portal and provide the ability (through the Liferay platform and necessary Luminis API pieces) to tie things together as you see fit.

It's impossible for a company (even one with the resources Ellucian has) to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for every possible need.

That said, I think the large majority of functionality that folks are missing from LP4 is able to be recreated in LP5 with the existing LIferay/Luminis APIs and tools. This adds overhead in the development process but it also allows institutions to tailor these things to their workflow and business processes and, in the end, provide a much better user experience.

We launched LP5 on 12/17/14 and have had some issues related to the imports and logins, gmail connectivity and blackboard, but we're working through them one at a time. So far we really like some of the features.
Heather Webb-Losh

Hi Heather,
I am working at a University and we are looking into Luminis 5, please could you give your opinions on Luminis 5 and what is Luminis 5 used for in your company.
Also what features are worth not using and what have you used and that can give benefits to your company?