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BANNER Authentication to CAS

Submitted by ma_isaura on Thu, 04/10/2014 - 16:46

Has anyone integrated their Banner System to Validate against CAS?.. will you be kind to guide us in this type of SetUp?

Thank you!!


Luminis Version:



BEIS is utilized within the portal to connect to SSB and BANNER, but we were looking at BANNER validating independently to AD, I know Banner is using the ORACLE ID/PASS but I was wondering if anybody had accomplished the Authentication from BANNER to AD. Is that even possible?


You can certainly point our SSB authentication to AD, you will not be able to point INB to AD

The way to get this implemented is using CAS and BEIS integration

I thought you could have CAS use your ldap flavor of choice (AD/Novell eDirectory, etc.) and have BOTH SSB and INB use CAS. is that not correct?



As far as I know makarchus is correct - there are settings to configure SSB to authenticate against an LDAP source but I'm not familiar with a way to do this for INB as well...

CAS is not tied to a particular directory product, you should be able to use any directory server that supports the LDAP protocol.

My recommendation would definitely be to take a close look at BEIS SSO Manager and provide CAS SSO using Active Directory as your authentication source. This provides access to INB using AD credentials as well as providing a unified SSO solution.