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Sending Referer Header with PIckup-Response GCF

Submitted by kartzman on Fri, 06/13/2014 - 02:13

We are trying to set up a GCF for SSO and the external website says we need to send a REFERER header (set to a specific URL) with the POST to get the authentication to work. There is a way to do this in the "authenticate" section of the XML file (using the <HEADER> tag. see example on page 80 of GCF Implementation Guide for Luminis 5.0.3). However, I need to send the referer header from the pickup-response in the properties file. Any suggestions?

Luminis Version:

(disclaimer - my experience is Luminis 4 and earlier GCF)

You can use a GRABFROMHEADER section in the xml file of the GCF, to extract the relevant referer from the header. This can be subsequently used in the .response

nb something like value='~{_EXTRACTEDREF}'

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