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Load test LP5.1

Submitted by javacool on Tue, 06/17/2014 - 16:48

I'm conducting load testing on our new LP5.1 servers. Our test portal servers performed well after tweaking the configurations of CAS, LDAP and Portal servers. Our two web servers can handle about 2000 active sessions, but our DBA noticed high CPU usage peaking at about 90% at the Oracle database server. Does anyone have recommendations for LP5.1 database tuning?


Luminis Version:




Side question: Would you mind sharing what tweaks you made to CAS, LDAP and Portal?

What tasks was your load test doing? Just logging in, or was it moving around and clicking on things inside the portal?

Luminis IV has very small db use.

Logging in , navigation of tabs and portlets. I would like try to mimic real world scenario (portal load during registration time or start of the new term etc.). Since in LP5 more personal and layout information was stored in DB, there're more connection requests to DB.

Hi Scott,

We are planning on load testing our new Luminis5 system soon. Just wonder if you could share with us the tool or product you used for your testing and how is the overall process and result?


Hi Scott,

Would you mind sharing the jmeter script you created/generated for the load test? I used Badboy to record a session and then convert the script to jmeter, but I always run into a 500 error on /luminis-banner/lp5Banner?externalsystem=SSB&url=urlPathbwskfreg.P_AltPin.

Thank you in advance.

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