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LP5 SSO to Office 365 and Outlook

Submitted by melissa.zver@tr... on Wed, 09/24/2014 - 12:56

We are preparing to upgrade form LP4 to LP5. Since moving students away from our Outlook webmail to Office 365 in LP4, we have taken away the students ability for SSO to their mail. Employees still are on Outlook webmail and can SSO.

My questions are pertaining to the move to LP5. Can the SSO work for both employees and students if they are using different mail as mentioned above? Can the configurations be in the same CPIP? Do we need to have separate CPIP's?


Luminis Version:

Short answer - yes you can and you will need separate GCF configurations. We added code to the custom template to display the appropriate e-mail link based on student or employee role. We have Microsoft's ADFS hybrid environment with students on Office 365 and faculty and staff on a local Microsoft Exchange server. I can share code in response to an e-mail request sent to