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Luminis 5 Rumors and Incorrect Information

Submitted by dcbourne on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 12:23


There have been a number of recent posts on LumDev providing false and misleading information about the future of Luminis. On behalf of Ellucian, I’d like to clarify that the Luminis development team has not been disbanded, nor are there any plans to end of life Luminis 5. In fact, we have a robust roadmap for Luminis 5 that we'll make available at the beginning of 2015. We have also pushed the end-of-life date for Luminis 4 to Q2 2016, providing our customers plenty of runway to make the transition.

As with any forum community, the open nature of the LumDev platform at times encourages conversations to evolve that are not based in fact. Because Ellucian has no formal affiliation with LumDev, we are unable to remove these sometimes misleading comments to prevent confusion.

Some recent posts on LumDev outlined clear improvements that can be made to our products and we value this feedback. The guidance of our customers is core to the development efforts of our products. With this in mind, we encourage you to share any and all feedback with us directly—we recommend that you do so through the Luminis Development community on The Commons. (

That official Luminis community is monitored by our staff, so that we can respond to your concerns and provide timely feedback. We also request you use the "Ideas" feature in the Ellucian Customer Support Center to enter additional enhancements you would like to see in the product and to vote on those ideas already entered for Luminis 5. The information entered in the Ideas area is used to help us drive future roadmap plans for Luminis 5.

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