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How to export Banner Users Account with customized roles and import into Luminis5?

Submitted by phillies40 on Wed, 11/19/2014 - 13:33

Hi all

Could anyone please give any tips (example preferred)?






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Hi all

We had so much trouble setting up Banner and luminis account creation so we wrote processes and now we successfully imported all our users with customized roles onto the luminis V system!

If anyone interetsed, I can provide you with our PL/SQL Process.


We've had issues using the ICGORLDI export utility and importing them into LP5. We've manhandled the files and are slowly working through the issues, but I would be interested on how you resolved your issues. Our LP5 system went live 12/17 and we're just now seeing the issues when students have returned.

I imported a few hundred thousand accounts into a test LP5 system (5.2.1) and didn't have any problems. What specific problems are you seeing?

I'm about to import a full term extract in a couple weeks, so in addition to people, I'll have course and enrollments. Is that where you ran into problems?

Hi Heather

I didn't know any school would be really interested in our processes! :)

The following steps are processes we made:
1. Create a process Package. Write Dynamic SQLs for your school customized roles (we have 2 campuses in 2 states and we also create multiple class years + programs for our students). These SQLs are for creating records in GTVSQRU and GORRSQL.
2. Create a temp table to hold users with role already created (we called it GORIROL2). This table will serve as a archived table to prevent existing users with the same role from being created again. The GORIROL table will be clear out of records every run of the package.
3. Run the packages in your Banner DB to create users with role records in GORIROL and GORIROL2.
4. Run ICGORLDI Banner baseline process to generate a big XML file so you can import it to your luminis V system.
5. Schedule tasks to run the above acct creation processes and ICGORLDI daily.

If you need source codes, please reply, thanks!


Note: Our first run, we created 5600+ user accounts with roles for our luminis V system.