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Looking for Contractor(Temp to Permanent) Luminis IV and 5 administrators.

Submitted by makarchus on Mon, 12/01/2014 - 09:46


I am looking for a contractor (Temp to Permanent) position for Luminis administrators, please let us know if anybody is interested. The Permanent position is not approved yet but most likely will happen in next 6 months.

This job will include

1. Installation and configuration of LP 5
2. Maintenance of LP IV

We have an immediate need, please send me an email with your resume if you would like to be considered for this position.

Makarand Kulkarni

Luminis Version:

I have been a portal administrator for 10+ years and I've been very happy with the level of support given to me by Ellucian, Sungard HE, Sungard, and all the way back to Campus Pipeline. Not only do I feel they do a solid job with the 'by the book' issues, many of us face challenges beyond the scope of what I would normally consider to fall under their purview. Even in those situations, many times they offer ideas. What I would recommend to any portal administrator that's faced with a support issue, put a ticket/support call in with Ellucian. We talked about many Luminis related topics in our PA-BUG annual conference last week, but no one brought up lack of support and in many cases their support was talked about very positively.

Ditto. I've always had good support from Sungard/Ellucian. If you want to stray way outside of normal/supported installation architectures, the answers can get weaker, but they still attempt to help, which is more than most vendors attempt.

I'm not going to get into a fight, but that was a pretty trollish comment.

This is probably the BEST, if not only place to post a job / consulting opportunity regarding Luminis and find qualified people, and you jump on them? Come on man.

I remember when people used to use this site to post helpful things not flame the vendor any chance they can. This is Lumdev, not Reddit