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Questionable Credibility of a Few Recent Posts

Submitted by gskinner on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 13:23

Since Lumdev’s beginning, this site has been a place to share ideas, concerns, troubleshoot errors, and even the occasional rant. It is my belief, that at Lumdev’s core, this forum followed in the higher ed spirit of helping out and adding to the enrichment of not only the portal community, but the Luminis product as well. The success of the community and the success of Luminis share a strong connection. I’ve personally contributed many posts sharing methods to enhance, extend, and promote Luminis. I have also used this forum to suggest (sometimes strongly) things I’d like to see in the product. All of these posts have been with the singular focus of adding to the growth of the solution. It’s simple… The stronger the community, the stronger the product, the better I can support my students, faculty, and staff at Lehigh University. I also love this community and I’ve met a lot of great colleagues and eventual friends from such a tight knit and supportive group.

I want the community to know that I write this post with 100% of my own volition. Ellucian has not requested this of me or in any way shaped this post. Recent posts have led us at Lehigh University to question the authenticity and origination of views expressed. We have and are continuing to investigate the validity of some of these posts. There are enough consistencies (short lived accounts, single post rants, incorrect product details) between them to raise our suspicions.

I believe strongly in the freedom provided by this forum for higher ed employees to express their views, and I will continue to uphold that belief. However, vendors using these freedoms to conduct subversive marketing are against the spirit of Lumdev, and personally speaking, leads me to question the strength of their own products if they focus even an ounce of their energy on negative campaigns against Ellucian products.

Over the coming weeks, we will unfortunately need to make some changes to Lumdev, changes that will still preserve the core value that the community offers. We will be changing the registration process for new accounts. Registrants with a “.edu” address will still have a simple registration process. For non “.edu” registrants, we will be needing additional information submitted to ascertain some credibility of the registrant. We decided to not restrict the site to only higher ed as we recognize that we have gained valuable contribution from outside higher ed, and I hope that we continue to do so. We will also be updating our “Posting Guidelines” to help reinforce the ideals of Lumdev.

I hope that everyone can see that the driving force of these changes is tied to having Lumdev continue to be a valuable resource for all developers going forward.

Thank you,

Luminis Version:

"question the authenticity"

That was my very first thought when I saw some of those comments. Astroturfing or something.

"Registrants with a “.edu” address will still have a simple registration process. For non “.edu” registrants, we will be needing additional information submitted to ascertain some credibility of the registrant. "

It is usually pretty easy to get a .edu email address. But something is better than nothing. Have most of trollish comments come from .com addresses?

Really not appreciating CampusEAI sales weasels posting on this board! Please deactivate their trolling accounts.

Only U.S. schools can have EDU domains. There are a lot of Canadian schools that you are going to shut out if you do this as well as other users from other countries. Luminis and Banner are not just for American schools. Making registration harder just means that you will get less users as we all have busy lives and lots of work to do to even bother with difficult registration processes. Perhaps you need to get a list of valid domains of all the schools other than EDU? If you make it difficult then we might as well just use the Ellucian forum or whatever they are doing to replace the edu1world forums.