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Empty Cache

Submitted by gskinner on Thu, 12/11/2014 - 09:03


Has anyone figured out an easy way to clear out the caching on the web tier on Luminis 5 without restarting? It would speed up our development time on our dev systems if we didn't have to bounce them every time we don't feel like waiting for them to pick up changes. I tried the "Clear content cached across the cluster" as the admin, but that didn't seem to have any impact. We are running Luminis 5.2.1 if that's of any help to people.

Luminis Version:

Are you using the deploy directories, or are you editing in webapps/ROOT?

The below set of changes turns off caching to some extent. Deploying new themes, layouts, and channels is fast. Beyond that I'm not sure what else may still be cached.

...tomcat-admin or tomcat-portal/webapps/luminis/WEB-INF/classes/

Hey Jason, I'll have to check out what you shared. It should do the trick for our dev environment, but I was kinda hoping for a administrative GUI option or command line script to clean the cache in situations where we don't want to restart our production servers, but we still want the benefit of caching. Looking to flush the cache rather than not use caching.

What sort of stuff is being cached? I can make changes to production without restarts if I deploy the code through the "deploy" directories on the servers.

Given that there is a "deploy" directory, I assume there must be some sort of tomcat call that flushes the cache...hmm. I'll look around.

Sometimes deleting the 'work' directory stuff, like /tomcat-portal/work/Catalina/localhost/ will cause tomcat to reload jsp/java code. But more often than not, it requires a reboot to get it out of memory.

On Stackoverflow I saw someone mention that this product can clear caches:

Has plugins for Liferay, Grails, etc.. I've never used it though.

Test environment LP5.2

I am getting this error on luminis.log (portal server) after restarting the Luminis components
"ERROR [main] com.sghe.luminis.cache.impl.CachingServiceImpl:111 Initializing caching service."

The changes made to css files -LP5-ellucian-theme are not pick up. Customizing the Admin LP5-ellucian-theme worked OK.

Has anyone encounter this issue, and found a solution for it?