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Trying to set up the ICGORLDI process

Submitted by recheverri on Thu, 02/26/2015 - 11:51

We don’t have luminous in our institution but we are trying to set up the ICGORLDI process, so we can load Moodle with the XML file. We successfully installed the intcomp module, we are at the point where we can generate the xml file running the ICGORLDI process, but we are not getting the data that we need and also there are some data on the file that we don’t need. We don’t want to create accounts in Moodle, we are using another mechanism to do that.

We basically want to bring courses, faculty and students attached to the courses, class lists, and emails. I have been reading the banner documentation on the set up and configuration but I wonder if someone is able to provide us with documentation.

Thank you.

Luminis Version:

The Banner INTCOMP pieces should allow you to use ICGORLDI to generate xml batch files for term, courses, student enrollment and faculty assignment data. You'll need to update the settings in GORICCR to identify which data you want to sync. The 'Integration for eLearning 8.0' guide does a fairly good job of explaining the configuration and setup from a Banner perspective.

Depending on how the current/legacy user accounts and coursepages have been created, you may have some issues in Moodle processing the generated files. Some LMS's pull unique key identifier information from a data batch file when processing/creating these objects in their internal datastores. These keys are then used to perform data transaction validation checks and may reject the transaction if one or more validation checks fail. For example, Banner-generated ICGORLDI xml files will include unique values associated with the Banner source and data object, which are then referenced within the LMS' data store when these objects are created. The LMS may then reject a data sync transaction if it does not have a matching value as it tries to run a validation check on the received data.