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maximum password length

Submitted by sammy on Tue, 04/14/2015 - 16:18


We are on luminis 4.2.2 integrated with Banner 8 self service using ldap;

we've gotten some errors lately when students' password length is quite long. and We don't know exactly what this length is so just trying to clarify and let our help desk know. the error we would see is:

requested URL /uhdad/gokcsso.p_call_banner_sserv was not found

When password length is anywhere between 30 to 32 this error would be displayed. We did some testing and came up with the hypothesis that the combined length of username and password cannot exceed 37; as the help desk folks have done testing with username length of 4 and password length of 32 without problems, but username length of 7 and password length of 31 would throw this error.

if someone knows what the maximum password/username combination is, it would be great to know and let our help desk of this information.



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