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Classified Ads for LP5?

Submitted by deurv on Mon, 07/06/2015 - 14:00

In LP4 I had a Classified Ad channel. I believe I got the instructions from another univeristy (maybe University of Sackatchewan). I tried to look up Liferay portlets but didn't see anything alongs these lines.

Does someone have a portlet for this use and would you be willing to share it? I'm on LP5.2.2.

Vicky Deur

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Vicky - at Berea College we deployed a modified version of OSCLASS, an open source PHP application. We use GCF coding to provision new users and do single signon, and we display the app in an iframe. It has worked well for us. I'd be glad to share code if you are interested. Send e-mail to Back when I was working on our LP5 implementation I was aware of another school who was planning to develop a java portlet similar to the USask LP4/Uportal portlet. I've lost track of them so I don't know how it turned out but if they got it working that may be another option for you. Bill Ramsay