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Navigating to a new tab within Luminis 5

Submitted by dconner on Fri, 09/18/2015 - 17:20


We are working on moving to Luminis 5. In Luminis 4, I developed a jsp page that submits a post request to single sign into our scheduling system. I am working on creating a portlet for luminis 5 that does the same thing. My code is below. My expectation was that by using target="_blank" in my link that it would popup into a a new tab or page and life would be good. However, what happens is that it pops up in a new tab to the left, but stays within the portal and the portal does a refresh. Can any one help me?

FYI-I removed the < from each tag so my code would display. All the variables used are defined previously in the code and I know the values I am getting are correct because the SSO works, just the opening in the new window is strange like I indicated above.

FORM name="scheduling" action="" method="post">
INPUT type="hidden" name="STUID" id="STUID" value="<%=id%>">
INPUT type="hidden" name="" id="STUNAME" value="<%=fullName%>">
INPUT type="hidden" name="STUDOB" id="STUDOB" value="<%=dob%>">
INPUT type="hidden" name="STUEMAIL" id="STUEMAIL" value="<%=email%>">
INPUT type="hidden" name="MD5HASH" id="MD5HASH" value="<%=idHash %>">
font size="3">Counseling

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