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Luminis will not log in properly

Submitted by alin.tomoiaga@t... on Sat, 10/10/2015 - 21:04

This Luminis installation somehow got broken.

It gets past the cas login screen, displays the Luminis site but no dropdown to access the control panel or other sites. Instead it shown a signIn link and a key icon. The error is not about the user I am trying to login, but some sort of default Liferay user... Anyone saw anything similar?

The logs only say:

ERROR [http-bio-443-exec-6] com.sghe.luminis.liferay.impl.LuminisRoleLocalServiceImpl:408 Error mapping liferay to luminis user: 15104 You don't have permission to read user's protected data.
com.sghe.luminis.liferay.impl.LuminisRoleLocalServiceImpl:413 Luminis user not found for liferay user: 15104
2015-10-10 20:00:39,809 WARN [http-bio-443-exec-6] com.sghe.luminis.liferay.impl.LuminisRoleLocalServiceImpl:262 Unable to determine if user is in group: 15104/Administrator

Luminis Version: