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total n00b trying to install Luminis 5.x

Submitted by cjazinski on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 19:10

So a little bit of background on me (before you judge my post). I am new to the Ellucian world. I have been tasked with looking at implementing/administrating and ultimately developing for the Luminis 5 portal. I don't have much system experience out side of maintaining a blackboard instance (LMS) along with some web development. Anyways I'm hoping to blog my trek through the Ellucian products and hopefully someday help someone that is also just starting.

So after going through documentation for a few hours I decided, before wasting institution hardware, to install luminis 5 on a development environment (my local machine on a few VMs - one for MySQL and one for the full luminis 5 (including all tiers in one box)).

VM - Centos 6.x
4GB ram (minimum according to install guide)
30GB space
Bridged Adapter

I came across a few dependencies that weren't listed in the docs. You do need to have access to the zip command - a simple yum install did the trick.

Using almost the exact same file that is provided in the guide (changed school name, etc. along with pointing to my liferay lic)

The software installed with no errors - what was spit out. It said ultimately at the end that i installed luminis 5.2.0 successfully. I restarted the box and tried to issue the lpstart (which also i had to manually add the .cprc into my .bashrc) and the LDAP and CAS server start with no issues. However the admin-portal will fail to register the portlets (what it says on screen) - It will then start the portal. After that I've noticed the nothing is accessible (admin or portal) as the "next steps" indicate. I did look at the logs but i don't see any errors indicated. I'm kind of confused as to why it is not starting. I will likely trying re-installing again tomorrow (maybe my is whacked).. but have tried a few times today with the same outcome (the admin portal not starting). Has anyone run into this issue? I'm a little confused on where to even start. I do have access to ellucican support center but thought i would try to find the solution through other means prior to asking the vendor.

Has anyone run into this issue? Does anyone have any information they could share about installing luminis? From what i read it should be straight forward... and the install process was.. but the services don't properly start. Is this likely due to mis-conftguation ... which is my guess however with no errors in the logs its hard to troubleshoot?

Thanks for any input provided

## Update 11-13-15 ##

Just wanted to update everyone incase someone runs into the same issue. So my issue was occurring when starting the admin web server. After looking at the logs and starting it i found the place in the documentation that states (after it says to start and do post install tasks) that the 25-admin-webserver process can take a very long time. There is an argument that you can pass in -t numberOfMinsTillTimeout. After doing that and looking at the log (first start) I noticed that its interacting with the DB quite a bit - creating a bunch of indexes. After about 20 mins or so it finally started up. So I stopped the services and restarted to see if it would be faster as the indexes had already been created - low and behold it booted up 5x faster. Also the installation guide doesn't state - but should've been a DUH moment - you need to open up the ports in the iptables. Defaults seemed to be 80/443/8080/8443/8447(for CAS login). After doing so I can access the admin/home portals. Obviously still a long way to go.. but first hurdle has been jumped.

Luminis Version:



In terms of watching what is going on, tail -f on the cp_root/products/tomcat/tomcat-admin/logs/luminis.log and tomcat-portal/logs/luminis.log.

It is a little more work up front, but I'd recommend you fill out a complete file for use when you first install. Put in as many settings as you can find. It will help you understand how everything is installed, as well as save a bunch of time determining what the default setting is for X later on.