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Getting User Information in Web Content Display

Submitted by cparsons on Tue, 10/04/2016 - 10:54


We are try to create a simple popup that user must agree to before continuing in the system. The popup need to be able to pull some identifiable information such as Luminis id and then pass that to the database and check to see if a comment is stored that they have accepted the agreement.

Here is the break down:

Currently from the Web Content Display we are able to create and launch the popup at page load. We use the built in jQuery libraries and HTML to handle this part. I am able to do a jQuery ajax call and hit a php page on our web server and return the results. The part I am having issues with is capturing the user id in Luminis to send to the php page.

Thanks, Cody

Luminis Version:

May I ask what you're using this for? We may have a need for something similar.