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Capturing Announcements from Luminis 5 Announcement Portlet into a RSS feed

Submitted by pavlik on Thu, 04/06/2017 - 16:33


I was wondering if anyone has been able to generate RSS feed from Luminis 5 Announcements Portlet which users could subscribe to?


Luminis Version:

It may be easier to query the db than attempt to parse out the announcement list from the channel.

If you just wanted the campus wide announcements, I think this would do it:

select *
from lp_announcement, lp_ann_body
where lp_announcement.lp_ann_body_fk =
and category = 'SYSTEM_CAMPUS'
and deliverydate <= sysdate
and expirationdate >= sysdate
order by deliverydate desc;

edit: assuming your db is oracle.