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The Targeted Content Portlets break when perfoming any action in the Luminis5 portal.

Submitted by ng1e16 on Tue, 09/19/2017 - 11:24


Hello All,

I am a staff member of the the University of Southampton and we have been working on upgrading our Luminis 4 Portal in to the new Luminis 5.3.

We had some successes and failures here and there when we imported our content from the old Portal, but nothing compares to the issue that we face now.

When a user navigates the portal there is a chance (yes, it's pretty much random) that all the targeted content will break, until closing the browser window and opening another.
This problem was first encountered when we started importing the targeted content code from our old Lum4 Portal, but the code worked properly all those years.

Ellucian team is already included in this but there is no definitive solution to our problem, only work-arounds.

You can take a look in the attachments for a screenshot.
Has anybody faced that error before?

Any help will be greatly appriciated!

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