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A navigation bar is hidden below 1300 horizontal

Submitted by vandresv on Mon, 03/19/2018 - 23:25


I am trying to make a navigation bar to show in Luminis 5. The portlet "My courses" has a navigation bar that only is showing is the horizontal resolution of the browser is greater than 1300. I have tried changing custom.css (inside tomcat-portal/webapps/LP5-ellucian-theme/css/) but it seems that the changes on those css files are not taking any effect. I even restarted the whole platform but nothing happen.
The rule that I want to change shows as: .aui .nav-collapse, .aui custom.css:1722 @(max-width:1300px)
.nav-collapse.collapse { overflow:hidden !important; height:0 !important; }
The buttons appear when I change (using firefox developer tool) overflow from hidden to visible.

Can I produce the same effect by editing some css file? Or is it something much more involved like building some war file or something like that?

Disclaimer: Not a developer...Just a basic idea of the concepts around web developing. But not afraid to dive into the coding, specially if somebody gives me some pointer where to look at.

Thank you very much,


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