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Do you think Dynamic Channel Framework will help your institution?

Submitted by makarchus on Fri, 04/14/2006 - 20:16

I am planning to develop channel framework that will allow users to pull the data from various data sources like JDBC, ODBC, WebServices, LDAP sources and many other mechanisms.

This framework would allow people to pull the data from all these databases without writing any Java code.

How many people think that this kind of mechanism will help their institution to create channels by writing just simple XML configuration files or simple properties files.

Please post your responses what features you would like to see in this kind of framework that would help me building this framework.


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We would love to assist in your project. What did you have in mind?

A Java channel that pulls in an XML file with all of the config info needed (DB, SQL query, iperson params to use)... and an XSL file for layout?

All in all... lets band together and make a framework we can all contribute to.

Layout your technical thoughts and we will have a better understanding.

This is a good idea. In creating our channels we have attempted to be as gereral as possible so that channels can be used in multiple areas. One of those is our BBS channel (Beg, Borrow, and Steal), which uses XML config files to get database results, scrape HTML, publish XML encapsulated information, and create menus and help within the channel. It works well, but I don't know about putting the power in the user's hands. (This channel was created in an initiative within our team to have channels that perform multiple tasks dependant on audience. I should really clean up the code and post it. would there be interest?)

Also you might want to look at the channel types that are coming with the next Luminis version and the next uPortal implementation. These will not only be Pluto based, but also there are default channel types such as WebServices, JSR168, and such.


Any update on your post? What did you have in mind?

This would be very helpful. We are pretty new to Luminis and we envisioned most of your dynamic content coming in the form if cfapps in inline frame channels. That and dynamically created rss feeds. Your way sounds better.