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Classicdrag Theme Version 2

Submitted by gskinner on Fri, 10/31/2008 - 17:22

I've made many changes to the initial theme that I presented at Summit and posted here on Lumdev ( I got a lot of good responses from people on the first version. I've fixed a lot of bugs that came up that people were clamoring for fixes. I think this release should be much better than the original once it is customized to your institution. I also want to thank Kyle Smith from YCP for his help and ideas with the code. Here are the main feature additions in no particular order.

-- Added "Add a Tab" feature
-- Added an automatic column add refresh when it sees an empty traditional tab (needed for channel add to work properly)
-- Cleaner Drag & Drop
-- On the fly resizing of channels that users are allowed to modify
-- Replaced a lot of the channel code TABLES to DIV's
-- Added a Campus Directory AJAX LDAP Search. See for more details.
-- switched to the YUI lightbox (fixed a bug where the lightbox wouldn't appear everytime)
-- AJAX channel deletion
-- Tab Deletion
-- rounded corners just for looks
-- Numerous other bugs...

The code is downloadable at: Installation instructions are in the README.txt. The theme has the Lehigh look and feel, so be ready to put some time in to customize the look. In the past version I maintained two sets of code, one based off of the classic look, but t was taking too much time to maintain two different code branches, so I'm only adding new code to my lehigh look. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Luminis Version:




Thanks for your work on this --

I have implemented it in pprd environment with minor changes -- Replaced the LDAP search with our google search appliance that we use.

I had sent you an email a week or so ago asking about version 1 - and the issues I was seeing are fixed in v2.


I tried after Summit to implement the features, and just couldn't get it to go. With the new revisions, I thought I would try it again. This time, it was a lot smoother, although it still takes quite a bit of customization to make it match our layout. However all the channels and tabs functioned as they should, across all of the browsers too.

Several things that hung me up and might others too:
1. Group tabs also had move curser, but couldn't move. This just took a little tweak to use a different style that didn't have the curser.
2. Corner images didn't work in IE6. I think this had to do with the fact that they were png, and there are numerous fixes on the web detailing how to make these work. I simply saved them as png8 in fireworks, worked fine then.

Other then these and the customization, it was a fairly easy implementation. I would like to thank Greg on all the work he's put into this, and for sharing the code to us.

Thanks for the feedback on the png's. It was oversight on my part to not make them png8 format. Thanks for the nice comments as well.


Do you have any documentation on the customizations required for Greg's drag and drop theme? If so, would you mind sharing it?


Thanks for continuing to work on this.

Question though, what version of Luminis did you build your theme from? It might be some discrepancies in my test systems, but I get a few nested-table type errors, where I believe that custom.xsl is referring to variables that it expects to have gotten from nested-tables.xsl, but are not found.

We've stayed back at, so I suspect that your build environment was higher.


my current version is We were previously at a 4.1.0.x release and everything appeared to be working. Let me know what problems your having so I can try to help troubleshoot.

After fixing the error on my end, I deployed and enabled the skin and the icons (group, email, etc..) do not render, with this error message:

Could not find variable with the name of org.jasig.portal.channels.cpicons.admin_alt

The customIcons.xsl file is referring to:
<xsl:variable name="iAdminAlt"><xsl:value-of select="$org.jasig.portal.channels.cpicons.admin_alt"/></xsl:variable>

Which apparently is either not in my build version of, or I've deleted or moved something I need.

Jason, there are two places that I know of that tie into your error. One is the customIcons.xsl that comes with the theme. I'd compare the custAdminIcon template from mine with your previous version. I don't think I made any changes to this file, but I may be mistaken. The other place I know to look is in $CP_WEBINF/uPortal/org/jasig/portal/channels/cpicons/channel.xsl. This file would be modified if you added any custom icons. There should be some "if test" code that calls the custAdminIcon template. I hope that helps track down your problem.

$CP_WEBINF/uPortal/org/jasig/portal/channels/cpicons/ is where the missing value is. I can see all the variables there. I do not have an admin_alt variable defined.

When I look at untouched customIcon.xsl files, they do not refer to this variable. Like my $CP_ROOT/custom/classic/customIcon.xsl file doesn't have it.

So it is either some difference in our portal versions, or I removed it from and all my customIcon.xsl files for some reason.

At any case, problem solved, thanks.

It turned out to be a problem on my end.

My nested-tables.xsl only contains the sections that I modify, and at the top of it, I import the full original nested-tables file like this:

<xsl:import href="nested-tables-orig.xsl"/>

The import line wasn't present in one of my versions and so it was complaining about not knowing about certain template definitions.

I need to get svn set back up:)