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Submitted by toneill on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 16:10

Hi Everyone,

We are currently evaluating the advantages to upgrading to the latest LP 4 version (4.3.0). I was wondering what most people are running these days and if there were any tales of caution or errors to look out for in the upgrades. We are currently on 4.2.0 and plan to go to at least 4.2.3. Any input is appreciated and helpful.

Johnson and Wales University

Luminis Version:



We are currently on Luminis

We have just downloaded the various things that are needed to upgrade to 4.3

The primary feature that we are wanting is: alpha-sorting on the list of Imported Groups within the Manage TA interface.

Because of the time lapse from going to 4.2.0 to now, it is an opportunity to work out what modifications we have made to the default Luminis (i.e. putting new files into cp.jar and modifying web.xml, and applying skins, and hosting jsps and channels).

Once we have worked out what has changed by comparison with vanilla 4.2.0 and vanilla 4.3.0 (then prob. build 57 within that), we will have to look carefully at whether we have actually got the right upgrade path and if there are any left over gotchas (like the ones discussed on Lumdev re blank lines being introduced to web files that breaks them).

University of Leeds, UK

We are currently on and reading some of the upgrades 4.3 brings look promising but the fun part is testing to make sure it works with all areas of our portal.


Like Derek, We're also on 4.2.0. I'd also be interested to know what the benefits are to moving to a more recent version of 4, since we probably won't go to 5 until at least Summer 2012


We're on We are still having the blank pages when under heavy load and would like to move up. However what to?

I just found out that 4.3 moves to Java 6 and Tomcat 6. That's a significant change (I think it has to keep Java 5 around for somethings that won't work with 6).

So, I'm thinking a bit more critically about 4.3. Usually patches have gone smoothly and so I haven't felt the need to test extensively (insert Todd laughing). 4.2.3 might be safer.

Any stories from patching to 4.3?


Bwaaahahahahahaaa! There you go. But I agree with you, though - patching for L4 has been much smoother than with L3.

Anyway, we're on and just plain haven't had time to schedule a production upgrade. Guess we'll look at doing that this summer. The issue with doing that is that we're STABLE now!! We've been running this version in production for a long time and there are only a few known issues that we have been able to work around through user education. I'm not that anxious to swap a few known problems with a new set of unknown ones.


Tomcat upgrades and all that sound nice, but I agree with Todd. If there is nothing in the patch notes that fixes a problem you are having, I don't see a reason to upgrade.

If you do upgrade, look out for a couple gotchas. The login form now requires an extra hidden field (unless you explicitly disable it), and all of the JavaScript has been compressed (making it more difficult to track down issues).


I have upgraded our dev luminis boxes to 4.3. We use VMWare virtual servers so its fairly easy to back them up beforehand by taking snapshots. I have also taken a database backup.

We run a PD environment, in dev, 2 portals, 1 calendar, 1 resource. In prod 3 portals, 1 calendar, 1 resource.

I upgraded our development environment because Sungard wanted this done before troubleshooting any further.

I have committed our luminis 4 environment to SVN and compared our old environment 4.2.2 build 34 to the latest build build 44 and there are alot of changes made.

After upgrading, we still experience an issue with the LastActive being ignored completed. However I have put a fix (described on LUMDEV) to workaround the lastactive in GCF not working.

The upgrade installs Java JDK 1.6.0_21. In addition to upgrading to luminis I have applied the latest timezone and floating point java patches. Tomcat that is installed is version 6.0.29.

The one of the first things you need to check after upgrading is that all logging levels are turned down. If they are set to DEBUG they will slow your system down so that its unusable.

Just out of interest heres my SVN setup;

All luminis code from /opt/luminis on each server is checked into SVN running on our resource server.
We use the path;

I use eclipse ide with subclipse using SVNKit. Setup a encrypted digital certificate and check my code in using it. I use pageant to run DOS cmds against SVN etc..

I have built ANT scripts and tasks to various SVN tasks. Ie remove sensitive files from working copy of code. i.e.,etc.

All I do to deploy the changes is click a button in eclipse, it prompts for password, and scp's the files to the luminis server, etc..

message me at if your interested in this...
Regards Glenn

When you check in your code, are you also checking in the ldap database files and other data stores, like the calendar db. When I first tried it, it took forever to do a check in.

I didn't spend too long playing with svn, but I couldn't figure out how to exclude things from the repository, and if I recall correctly, SVN placed little files in all the luminis directories, which I didn't like.

Yes, I have checked in the entire luminis folder successfully.

Took about 30mins if I recall to check - in a server.

I did an import and did not checkin my code - this causes it not to place .svn folders on the server.

I then checkout the code onto my desktop, make the changes and then deploy to server using ant scripts.

Regards Glenn