User # to replace Social Security Number

Submitted by csilveri on Fri, 11/16/2007 - 12:49

With Security issues.. we are trying to come up with a solution to eliminate the students, employee,'s social security number from being the unique id in all our systems. Since the External Information System ID: is the social security numer in Luminis has anyone thought about removing SS# and replacing it will another type of id?
And how this can be accomplished.
Any input on this topic is appreciated.

Luminis IV Migration Import Error.

Submitted by phillies40 on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 18:00

Hi All

We ran luminis IV migration export with minor errors but it is the IMPORT that is driving us NUTS!

I can see lots of 2291 error when importing (ORA-02291: integrity constraint violated - parent key not found) and I can also see lots of null records were trying inserted into oracle DB.

Did anyone have the same error? If so, any solutions or advices? Thanks in Advance.


How to customize /cp/user/ content?

Submitted by rbalara on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 00:30

Hello everyone! I am trying to customize the display formats of some fields in the /cp/user/ pages (i.e. /cp/user/loaduser). Basically, what I'm asking is if anybody knows how to access those files or their code to so I can customize them.

From my own search, it seems those pages are generated from a servlet, but that's as far as I've gotten so far. Any more information that somebody can provide would be of a great help!


Role assignment with AEAC

Submitted by svanselow on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 14:29

We had an issue of users automatically getting created in Luminis but not being assigned the Student role when they should have. Consequently they did not have the necessary tabs in Luminis. The problem was traced back to a rule in the AEAC concerning active term which had to be set in Banner GORICCR.

Help help -- how do channel controls work??

Submitted by chilensis on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 09:39

We're in a 1-step-forward-3-steps-back phase of a new Luminis IV installation. I hoped setting up some help for the bookmarks channel would be an easy job, just click on the friendly box in the channel manager, load up the channel, click on the pretty ? icon, and then marvel at the contents of the help file. HA!

Strange cptool / ExternalAccount behavior

Submitted by carolhop on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 12:20

Hello, all.
One of our External systems uses the user's last name as part of it's authentication, even if the last name has a space or apostrophe in it!!

So, for example, the cptool command would be
cptool set user joeiscool ExternalAccount = 'otherSystem|Is Cool|1111'

Everything is fine when I run it as is above.

However, if I use "cptool process file" .... and have
set user joeiscool ExternalAccount = 'otherSystem|Is Cool|1111'
as one of the commands in the file, I get an error:

cptool fails to import xml file, message broker admin not accessible

Submitted by jbishop on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 12:32

It appears that the message broker service is causing problems on my server, but I'm not quite sure where to look to find the problem.

I first identified there was an issue when trying to run the command
cptool get user <username> -a
and receive the following error message at the console,
"ERROR: Event notification subsystem initialization failed. This is most likely because the JMS provider is not accepting connections. Aborting command."

Blackboard Course Access Denied

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 06:32

Hello all -

Sometimes when users come in to Blackboard from Luminis and select a course from within the my courses section in blackboard, the course loads but will prompt "access denied" and have the login page for blackboard. If you click anywhere else in blackboard in the course such as announcements or discussion boards, the content loads. This happens randomly. We are using Blackboard 7.3.159 with SSL and 5 app servers loadbalanced.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.


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